Your online donation will allow us to continue to provide scholarships to those unable to meet the costs of our residential program and defray the costs of providing Shire House services. 

Your online donation will be contributing towards yet another life changing opportunity for a young adult on the Autism spectrum. 

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Shire House Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, your donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Tax ID # 46-0758642

Residential Programs Shire House is familiar with...
Aspen Network in Orinda, California...https://aspennetwork.net
Walkabout House in Portland, Oregon...http://www.walkabouthouse.com
Down Home Ranch in Elgin, Texas...http://www.downhomeranch.org
MERISTEM in Fair Oaks, California...http://www.meristem.pro
CLE, college living experience, 6 locations throughout the United States...http://experiencecle.com
CIP, college internship program, 6 locations throughout the United States...http://cipworldwide.org
Minnesota Life College in Richfield, Minnesota...http://www.minnesotalifecollege.org
Employment Development Agencies and Organizations Shire House works with...
work2future Youth Training...http://www.work2futurefoundation.org/services-young-adults/
work2future Adult Training...http://www.work2future.biz/content/job-seeker-services_overview/
Nova, workforce devolopment...http://www.novaworks.org/

Mailing Address:
Shire House Inc.
1702 Meridian Ave. PMB # 270
San Jose, Ca. 95125

Please use the above address to send any documents, correspondence, donations or other inquiries. 

Phone # 408 564 5613

To contact us regarding our residential programs or services, please fill in the CONTACT US form.

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 A Community of and for young adults on the high functioning Autism spectrum

We hold Shire House Interest Meetings the 3rd Saturday of every month at The Lyon's Restaurant located at 4233 Moorpark Ave. San Jose, Ca.

The following meetings are scheduled for...

Saturday, April 16th, 2016, from 11:  am - 1:00 pm

SATURDAY, MAy 21st, 2016, FROM 11: AM - 1:00 PM

These meetings are held for parents and professionals wanting more in-depth information regarding our residential programs and or services.

One may order breakfast or lunch during the meeting. 


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